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Sheet tray pizza

The truly genius element of this pizza isn’t its cheesy layers of fresh parmesan and mozzarella. Or the hot Italian sausage that gets baked in bubbling tomato sauce until it’s crispy on top, but still juicy inside. Or even the thin fennel slices that fan out across...


Add on to a pizza base the following…. Chunks of “stywe pap” Bacon Mixed peppers (green, yellow and red) Dollops of cream cheese And lots and lots of mozzarella & cheddar cheese…

Abra Cadabra Pizza

A fine crispy base, with Tomatoe spread, Some Cheddar cheese, Greenpeppers, Yellow Peppers, Avocado, Onion Powder, cheddar cheese and pineapples

Richo’s Burger pizza

Normal pizza base, Bbq sause Beef patty(like actually beef patty) Mozzarella chess Avo Red onions Cover with second pizza to make it look like a burger. Comes in spicy and original

The Weekender

A pizza consisting of mozarella cheese onions red pepper,sirloin strips,cut up russians with potato fries slapped ontop of it all,drizzled with jalapeno pepper sauce,bbq sauce and cheddar cheese,coriander and garlic powder.
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